Chris Brown’s “X” Album Review

 I give it a solid 8/10.

X is a flawed masterpiece that I have been waiting for for over a year! X is Chris’ 6th studio album and I can smell a grammy coming for this album! Don’t forget, I predicted it! 

All day I’ve been reading what other critics are saying and honestly I’ve read generally negative reviews! Just because I’m a Chris avid fan doesn’t mean I’m going to sugarcoat this album saying it was perfect because it wasn’t and I’m glad it wasn’t. I don’t think this album was made for perfection but rather subtle confessions. But what they are saying is a LOAD OF SHIT.

With this album, I feel Chris was able to get a weight lifted off his chest and breathe better because of songs like, “Do Better” and “See U Around”. Some critics said they feel this album was very impersonal and I STRONGLY DISAGREE. This is by far his most personal album because this album had a small selection of typical radio hits while the majority were far more darker, deeper and more to think about.

O.K. now HERE is the part I break down how the album was flawed and loss 1.5 Kudos from me:

Continuity Errors (-.25 Kudos) :

The feeling and mood of the album was all over the place. One minute we’re crunked up, then we’re horny, then we’re sad, then we’re cruncked up again and then a bit mellow and then all happy again. 

In fact, YES, I feel Chris purposely put the album in the sequence to give us a thrill ride and make us feel a variety of feelings (maybe all the feelings he feels deep within himself) but sheesh you feel a lot of emotions. ESPECIALLY if you have the deluxe edition you understand what I’m saying. But no worries, it wasn’t that much of a problem.

The Delay That Fucked Us Up (EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NOT HIS FAULT) ((-.5 KUDOs)):

Remember when “X” was first announced? Feels like forever, right? BECAUSE IT FUCKING WAS!

This album was supposed to release OVER A YEAR AGO but you know the music biz, always pushing stuff back. Also due to his unfortunate prison sentence, they had to again push it back. But we have to thank “Loyal” because I heard him so much on the radio, I forgot he was incarcerated.

The reason this got .5 Kudos off is because when time progresses, music progresses and when music progresses, the sound of music progresses. What I am simply trying to say is: The sound you originally wanted your album to have WILL Change. With the album’s single “Fine China” coming out damn near 2 years ago, the single set a standard that the album will have a very Michael Jackson/Prince feel and sound. But, that must’ve clearly changed when he got out of jail because the album sounds FAR from that. 

TOO MANY Different Artists/Producers were featured on this album (-1 KUDO):

When you work with a lot of artists and producers you’re outcome is a lot of sounds. The consistency in sound is probably what could’ve changed the album from 8/10 to 9/10 voting for me.

There were too many featured artists on this album. Some I was very grateful for because they added much spunk and feeling to the album like Brandy in “Do Better”, Kendrick Lamar in “Autumn Leaves” and Jhene Aiko in “Drunk Texting”. BUT there were some features that were so unnecessary like Akon in “Came to Do”. And the various producers made you confused of what genre or theme the album is really trying to portray even though I don’t feel Chris should limit himself to one sound (contradicting myself a bit.)

The Interludes were SO Good. There should’ve been more of them or LONGER (-.25 Kudos)

"Lady in a Glass Dress" and "101" are probably my FAVORITE songs on the album. Why are they so short?!? They made me so nostalgic and reminded me of Chris’ album Exclusive. It sounded so real, the sound was smooth and his voice with the beat synchronized perfectly.

Well if those of you who don’t know, the purpose of a interlude is it gives you a time to breathe, relax and transition into a new era, new sound and a new feel that the album will give. THAT is what we needed more of. Between “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” and “Body Shots” a interlude was NECESSARY. Those two songs were poorly sequenced and a interlude would’ve allowed us to enter into a another state.

But its okay… short or not the songs are still amazing.


This album showed me growth, it showed me maturity and manhood and it showed this creative and talented man goes through A LOT. If anything this album will be his most therapeutic and will allow him to grow as a person, musically and mentally.

Though this album lacked a main feel or tone to it like Chris Brown’s first two albums did, the message was loud and clear. HE IS A DARK, GLOOMY YET HYPER AND HAPPY GUY. In other words, HE IS HUMAN! This album was entitled “X” because he’s celebrating his 10 years of being in the industry. He’s celebrating his ups and downs because through it all he remained successful though obviously flawed like any human on the planet.

This album will NOT be an instant classic to the people (I can guarantee that, only the REAL fans will see that) BUT this album WILL be the album that when you look back in 5 years or so, you will say “WOW, that was a great album!”

Thats why I give it CERTIFIED CLASSIC!

Chris has done it once again! So glad I purchased it.

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I’m playing this at my wedding.

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